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Road Builders Asphalt Scam

From the desk of Sheriff Scott Bradley


On May 2nd, 2017, Deputies from the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office, took a report from an Van Buren County Citizen, that had be scammed out of $16000.00 from a traveling paving company.  The name of the company is Road Builders owned or managed by W.J Boswell.  The citizen reported that Boswell was driving a vehicle with its flashing light on and came onto his property.  The man driving the vehicle told the citizen that had just finished a paving project down the road for the highway department and he had some left over blacktop he could sell him for $10.00 a yard.  The citizen said he agreed and the man came in with his crew with a dump truck and other equipment that all looked brand new.  The citizen reported the mans crew put down the blacktop and them told him the price would be $7000.00, which the citizen thought was high.  The citizen reported he hadn't measured the area.  The citizen reported that Boswell, told him he could do the whole area that he needed done and it would cost $16000.00, but he would need a check right now so he could go to Leslie an put it in the bank.  The citizen said he gave the Boswell the a check for $16000.00 and Boswell left leaving his crew there.  The citizen said he received a business card from the man (Road Builders WJ Boswell  1-870-292-0079 and 1800-272-0952).  The citizen said after a long period of time the crew left and he tried to get ahold of Boswell.  The citizen said the job did not get finished.  The citizen said he found on line that Boswell was a scammer and the Indiana State Police was looking for Boswell for the same thing happening in Indiana.