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Reckless Driver call ends in arrest

From the desk Of Sheriff Scott Bradley

On September 16, 2013 the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Dept received a call of a reckless driver in a white van that looked like it had been “chopped” to look like a van.  The caller stated that the vehicle looked like it was driving into oncoming traffic.  A second call then came in to report that the vehicle had pulled over and it was believed that the driver had a gun.

 The caller initiated the calls after traveling home this same day fromClinton, on Hwy 336 East.  It appeared that the vehicle allegedly driven by Hicks was trying to hit the caller’s vehicle.  The caller pulled over to allow the Van to go by, but the driver stopped. The caller then drove off with the Van driving along side of them.  The van then drove off, turned around and drove straight at the caller’s vehicle.  The caller then pulled into a driveway and called 911.  The caller then stated that the Van left and returned minutes later to block him in.  The driver of the van asked the caller if he was having car trouble.  The caller told that he was.  That is when the driver of the van allegedly threatened the caller.  It was at this time that the caller saw a shotgun pointed out the window of the vehicle.  The caller then fled the area by driving through the grass and called 911 again.  The caller then drove to the Sheriff’s Department. 

 Charlie Hicks, 43 ofClinton, was arrested a short time later for Aggravated Assault.  Mr. Hicks was transported to the Van Buren County Sheriff’sDetentionCenterwhere he is being held without bond.