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Sheriff Warns of Scams

Form the desk of Sheriff Scott Bradley

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department has received numerous recent complaints of telephone scams where people have “won money”.  All the persons have to do is provide an account number for their “winnings” to be deposited in.

  Another recent victim had used a familiar internet site to sell a motorcycle.  When the convincing persons showed up, they purchased the item with a fictitious check on an account that had did not exist.   The owner was not notified until their motorcycle had been recovered inLittle Rockafter being wrecked during a police pursuit.  The victims in this case had absolutely no indication that the transaction was not completely legitimate.

  Lastly, A local lady had enlisted a similar internet sight to sell an automobile.  She was contacted by a person who worked “off shore” that wanted to purchase her vehicle.  He set up a Pay Pal account with her and provided a payment into the account, but the amount was more than the purchase price.  He asked that she refund the “overpayment” via a money card.  The entire set up was a fraud and the only good money involved was what she sent back to him that was the “overpayment”. 

The problem with these scams are most of the time they originate out of theUnited Stateswhich makes recovery or prosecution impossible.  In these two instances, there will be somewhat of a remedy because the motorcycle was wrecked and recovered.  The lady who lost her “overpayment” contacted the account holder and they were in the process of freezing the account.  These two are very rare in that most of the time the damage is done before anyone figures out its not legitimate.  Investigators warn that any transaction via the internet should be thoroughly examined before committing.  And as always, any questions involving scams such as these can be discussed with the Sheriffs Department before committing to them.