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06/07/2011 Three Arrested in Van Buren County during Marijuana eradication.
Jason Brock
Marcus Green

Gabriela Norton


From the Desk of Sheriff Scott Bradley and the 20th Judicial District Drug Crime Task Force


On Tuesday June 7, 2011, The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game & Fish and the 20th Drug Task Force were conducting marijuana eradication with Arkansas National Guard Counter Drug Unit. Agents were flying over the Alread area and spotted marijuana growing in the back yard of a residence located on Brookridge Road in the Alread area. Agents on the ground secured the residence and searched and found sevty-five marijuana plants growing at the residence. Agents arrested Jason Brock for maufacturing a controlled substance.


On the same date June 7, 2011, Agents were flying over 2636 Brock Road and spotted a female in a garden pulling marijuana plants, Agents on the ground secured the location and searched the property and recovered forty-one marijuana plants. Agents arrested Marcus Green and Gabriela Norton at the residence for manufacturing a controlled substance.