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3/18/2011 Pay For Your Stay

From the Desk of Sheriff Scott Bradley


Pay For Your Stay


Last night, March 17th, 20011 at the monthly Van Buren County Quorum Court meetings two Ordinances where passed for the Van Buren County Detention Center.


Sheriff Bradley reported under Arkansas Code Annotated 12-41-505, Van Buren County can charge a daily housing fees to detainees to recoup the cost for housing these detainees, held at the Van Buren County Detention Center.  Sheriff Bradley reported he had checked with other counties that had success charging housing fees.  The daily housing fee will be $15 per day.  Bradley feels this is a fair amount to charge and is much less than other counties charge, some charging $35 per day. Bradley said these fees would go back into Jail Maintenance Fund for maintaining the detention center and care of detainees.


Sheriff Bradley also stated under the same Arkansas Code, Van Buren County is able to charge co-pay for medical visits and prescription medicine to re-coup medical expenses that Van Buren County has to pay for detainees while incarcerated.  Bradley said this will help to reduce medical cost reduce and the number of unnecessary visits to health care professionals.  This money will be taken from the detainees commissary account.  The amount of the medical co-pay is $20.00 dollars per visit and $10.00 co-pay for prescriptions drugs.  Sheriff Bradley also stated, even though the co-pay fees are charged, if a detainee has no commissary account they will not be denied medical attention.


Sheriff Bradley feels that these programs, pay for your stay, medical co-pay, trustee labor, and road crew allows detainees give back to the community.  It benefits by saving money for county government and tax payers that otherwise would have to be contracted to vendors.  Sheriff Bradley states the road crew takes care of county properties by doing lawn work and clean up of roads for the county and other no-profit organizations. The trustees take care of food service, janitorial, and basic maintenance for the Van Buren County Detention Center.


Sheriff Bradley stated he will continue to search for other programs and ways to save the tax payers of the county money.