Message From The Sheriff
Emergency: 911
24 Hrs Non-Emergency:
Crime Tips:
184 Detention Drive
P.O. Box 451
Clinton, Arkansas 72031
Administrative Office Hours:
M-F 8am - 4:30pm
History of the Sheriff's Office - Click photo for more information

Sheriff Lucas Emberton
Term: 2019 - current

Sheriff Lucas Emberton
Term: 2019 - current

Sheriff Randy Gurley
Term: 2017 - 2019

Sheriff Scott Bradley
Term: 2003 - 2017

Sheriff Russell Pridgen
Term: 2001-2003

Sheriff Billy Walker
Term: 2000

Sheriff Mike Bridges
Term: 1993-2000

Sheriff Carrol Ward
Term: 1989-1992

Sheriff Kenny R. Lee
Term: 1987-1988

Sheriff Vernon "Gus" Anglin
Term: 1977-1986

Sheriff William D. "Bill" Bradford
Term: 1975-1976

Sheriff Jake Williams
Term: 1965-1974

Sheriff Charles E. Bradley
Term: 1963-1964

Sheriff Ammon Ward
Term: 1959-1962

Sheriff Farish Fraser
Term: 1951-1958

Sheriff Doyce Cassinger
Term: 1947-1950

Sheriff Cecil Lay
Term: 1941-1946

Sheriff John Freeman Graddy
Term: 1939-1940

Sheriff James Wilson Hatchett
Term: 1927-1938

Sheriff Burt Bradley
Term: 1923-1926

Sheriff J. L. Kidd
Term: 1919-1923

Sheriff S. K. Patton
Term: 1916-1917

Sheriff John W. Whillock
Term: 1912-1915

Sheriff Henry Thomas Rowe
Term: 1908-1911

Sheriff Smith H. "Hamp" Bradley
Term: 1904-1907

Sheriff James Wilson Hatchett
Term: 1900-1904

Sheriff William Sherman Maddox
Term: 1896-1899

Sheriff Henry Laurence Jennings
Term: 1894-1895

Sheriff William Sherman Maddox
Term: 1890-1893

Sheriff Zachariah Taylor Thompson
Term: 1886-1889

Sheriff William M. Peel
Term: 1884-1885

Sheriff Richard Razy Poe
Term: 1880-1883

Sheriff John Lafferty Brewer
Term: 1874-1879

Sheriff William Thomas Poe
Term: 1874

Sheriff Montford Clinton Rerdell
Term: 1868-1873

Sheriff David Hardin Lay
Term: 1864-1867

Sheriff Antharias B. Gaylor
Term: 1862-1863

Sheriff John Martin Bailey
Term: 1860-1861

Sheriff William H. Griggs
Term: 1858-1859

Sheriff Luther Rice Venable
Term: 1850-1857

Sheriff James M. Pearce
Term: 1844-1849

Sheriff John O. Young
Term: 1840-1843

Sheriff Alfred Isaac Morrison
Term: 1836-1839

Sheriff Nathaniel Daugherty
Term: 1833-1835