Message From The Sheriff
RANDY GURLEY  ( read  )
Emergency: 911
24 Hrs Non-Emergency:
Crime Tips:
184 Detention Drive
P.O. Box 451
Clinton, Arkansas 72031
Administrative Office Hours:
M-F 8am - 4:30pm
Detention Center


Assistant Jail Administrator Tracy Sutterfield (640x451).jpg
Tracy Sutterfield
Assistant Jail Administrator

Detention is supervised by Assistant Jail Administrator Tracy Sutterfield. Detention personnel consist of 14 Full Time Jailer/Dispatchers, 1 Road Crew deputy and 6 Part Time Jailer/Dispatchers. Duties of the jail includes: dispatching, jailing, transporting, maintain jail and dispatch logs, handling of detainees, handle medical request and grievances of detainees and dispense detainee medicines.


Kirk Gaston Detention Officer/Deputy
 Detention Officer Treva Eoff (640x427).jpg
Treva Eoff
Detention Officer
 Detention Officer Jamie Gustus (640x453).jpg
 Jamie Gustus
Detention Officer
Detention Officer Tommy Mahan (640x443).jpg
Tommy Mahan
Detention Office
Detention Officer Karen Angerman (640x449).jpg
Karen Angerman
Detention Officer
Detention Officer Michael Toney (640x427).jpg
Michael Toney
Detention Officer
 Detention Officer Jennifer Bittle (640x427).jpg
Jennifer Bittle
Detention Officer

Detention Officer Breezie Kaufman (640x427).jpg
Breezie Kaufman
Detention Officer

Pam Smith
Detention Officer

 Detention Officer Jacob Boudreaux (640x427).jpg
Detention Officer

Detention Officer Devin Elliott (640x465).jpg
Devin Elliott
Detention Officer 




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